Monday, March 24, 2008

We Have Moved!

We've finally severed our dependence on blogger as a blog platform. We've switched to Movable type, hosted directly from our host server (vs DNS re-direct) hosting.

Come and see our new look!!!!!


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Faith in America... so it is the title to the speech given this morning at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library by Gov. Mitt Romney. I've posted below a link to the speech video feed. Whe Time allows, I'll come back and post the full text of the speech. It's a great speech on the role of religion in this nation, regardless of what your personal beliefs may be.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy (And Safe) Halloween

Sorry...I just have to show off my carving skills!!!!


Congrats to my baby Sister and New Brother-in-Law, Mark.

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Rumors of my Business

There are things in life that can be a times difficult to endure. Examples would be my Braves missing the playoffs for the second straight year. The Dolphins resembling Michigan against Appalachian State every weekend, and so on. Seriously though, being a Mormon couple, married for 4 years and having not had any children is not a walk in the park either. A couple of weeks ago, I was in Daytona attending my kid sister's wedding reception. During a lull in the festivities I had excused my self to the parking lot so as to address a burned out headlight, as we would be traveling that night for 2 hours home in South Florida. It was while I was changing out the light bulb when I heard a voice come from behind me state, "So, I hear you two are going to adopt." I was stunned! My wife and I, albeit have discussed several options regarding the start of our family, NOTHING had been determined and NOTHING had been told by either of us stating so to ANYONE! Recognizing the voice being a long-time friend and childhood influence, I calmly turned and corrected the individual concerning the matter. For the record, we are not adopting, we've not given up on having children on out own, and feel that this great test of our faith will be greatly rewarded.
What really burned me was that fact that I this matter came up more than once that night, both for me and my wife. This upset us for several reasons'; 1. We didn't even live in this town, yet people were concerning themselves with our personal life. 2. IT'S NON OF THEIR FREAKIN BUSINESS!!!!! 3. Don't tell us you understand. You DONT! I know who the source of the rumors is, and it really irritates me. I hope that it stops. Perhaps the energy wasted gossipping about the affairs, or shortcomings of other would be better spent instead on praying for them. Standing in silence at our side (And others in our same position) in support of seeking a miracle. One man is my friend and stands by my side. The others simply stay behind me and spew venomous rumors of no substance, pushing in further the dagger that currently pierces my heart.